Looking For The Best Chance of Recovery From Addiction?


Aware Recovery Care’s innovative substance use disorder treatment approach is simple, direct, and it works. Our core belief is that every person deserves and can achieve lasting recovery - without leaving their home.  


Your wellness is our only goal. Aware Recovery Care provides a long-term solution for those suffering from substance use disorder - in the comfort, privacy and security, of your own home.

We are a pioneer in the in-home mental health and substance use disorder treatment field, representing true innovation. Supported by a specially-trained team of addiction professionals, each client of Aware receives a best-in-class in-home addiction treatment program backed by both logic and data.

We provide a full continuum of home-based care including in-home withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and management, individual therapy, family therapy, and coordinated medical and behavioral healthcare.

What’s more, our treatment approach protects you from the risks of disease transmission common to more traditional group settings.

Our care teams utilize a wide range of the latest evidence-based practices and innovative technologies to give our clients the very best chance to maintain long-term recovery, health, and wellness. 

To learn more about working with an Aware Recovery Care team in Connecticut to prevent relapse and achieve sustained recovery from your addictions, please call 1-844-AWARERC for immediate help.

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