Are you looking for your best chance of recovery from alcohol addiction?


Aware's Yale University inspired treatment has shown long-term, in-home care is a more effective way to treat alcohol addiction.


Aware Recovery Care of Connecticut provides a long-lasting solution for those suffering from alcohol addiction - working with you in your home, in your surroundings, in your comfort zone, and on your schedule.

By offering addiction support in the home, we empower our clients to acquire the skills and daily habits crucial for maintaining abstinence, all while staying connected with loved ones and their community. This approach eliminates the often-challenging transition back home from traditional treatment settings, ensuring a smoother recovery journey. We value privacy, respect anonymity, and uphold dignity for those seeking discreet and effective addiction care.

Supported by a specially-trained team of alcohol addiction professionals, each client of Aware receives a best-in-class in-home addiction treatment program backed by both logic and data.

The full continuum of home-based care includes individual therapy, family therapy, and coordinated medically integrated behavioral healthcare.

What’s more, our treatment approach protects you from the risks of disease transmission common to more traditional group settings.


To learn more about working with an Aware Recovery Care team in Connecticut to prevent relapse and achieve sustained recovery from alcohol addiction, please call 203-779-5799 for immediate help.


All correspondence is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.